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Ok...Maybe Not A Bigfoot

Posted by ken on February 8, 2018

Not Bigfoot.jpgSo the rest of the story...Scotty had put down a bag of something called BB2 feed, which apparently is really yummy to not just bears...and maybe Bigfoots, but basically everything that lives in the woods. Behind the picture, that really did look like a BigFoot, was 85 pictures of this guy. Apparently he decided that there was no reason to share this particular buffet Scotty had obviously laid out just for him. And in this particular picture it kind of appears he was like "yo, how about another 50 # bag of the BB2?". I'm going to load a bunch of other pics Scotty sent me into my Gallery, go check them out, he's had bears, bobcats, lots of deer, and if you don't know this NW Arkansas has a fairly large herd of Elk now, those are all his pics, all on or really close to his yard. But the pic really worth jumping to my Gallery for is a mist shrouded pic of a black coyote. Now my Bigfoot story, a couple of years ago Finding Bigfoot came to Zwolle La and did a show where they found sign, heard things in the night, all the stuff they do other than actually seeing a bigfoot to convince them a bigfoot was there. So about a year later I am fishing in the 1215 area of Toledo, which is maybe 10 miles as the crow flies from Zwolle, when I hear a guy off in the distance do the bigfoot yell. The area i was fishing in has a series of islands, and about 30 minutes later I hear him do the yell again, but this time a little closer. Another half hour later I hear him give a third bigfoot howl and this time it sounds like he's on the other side of the island I am fishing. Just after I hear him I hear a big splash just around the island from where I am and I can hear something swimming in the lake. Now I am a 50+ year old rational man....but I've got my GoPro, and if it IS a bigfoot, well here's my chance. So, all the while laughing at myself for being something of an idiot 14 year old boy in 50+ body I turn my GoPro on and run around the island...only to find two little does swimming to the next island...apparently the bigfoot had already swam across.